Project We Own It

Project We Own It

this is the story of the Isla Vista Food Co-op's campaign to raise $200,000 for the down payment to buy our building. over 1,000 community supporters helped us secure our co-op for future generations of conscious consumption, sustainable living, and ethical business. along the way, meet the community that makes this place go round, staff members, co-op owners, community activists and shoppers!

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A Call To Action:

October 18, 2012

Hello friends! In case you have not heard, the Isla Vista Food Co-op has been informed of the sale of their property, after 32 years of tenancy and 40 years of existence. In times like these, where sites in Isla Vista go to the highest bidder (you’re seeing it right before your eyes), the Co-op is unlikely to have a space in Isla Vista if they cannot buy the building themselves. So, Project We Own It was born. We have secured 1.4 million dollars in loans to buy the Isla Vista Food Co-op, so that everyone in the Isla Vista and UCSB community, for years to come (FOREVER) will have an open community space to buy local, fresh, organic food from local farmers and small businesses, and to learn about community and conscious consumption. Now, we must raise $200,000 in 30 days to put a down payment on these loans, and since this is a COMMUNITY OWNED business, that money must come from our community. PLEASE make a pledge on PROJECTWEOWNIT.ORG. Your donation will not even be charged unless this project is to succeed, and when it does, WE OWN IT. As Isla Vista undergoes major changes, this will be the building that remains when you bring your children to see the place you knew and loved. THIS IS A MOVEMENT, A MOMENT OF TRUE ACTIVISM, A TIME TO MAKE HISTORY. This is the only co-op that remains within 90 miles north or south of us, so lets secure it, forever, Lets OWN IT.