Project We Own It

Project We Own It

this is the story of the Isla Vista Food Co-op's campaign to raise $200,000 for the down payment to buy our building. over 1,000 community supporters helped us secure our co-op for future generations of conscious consumption, sustainable living, and ethical business. along the way, meet the community that makes this place go round, staff members, co-op owners, community activists and shoppers!

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SABOR Hosts Dinner to Benefit Project We Own It

November 11, 2012

In case you haven’t heard, our beloved Co-op is in a sticky situation. The landlord has decided to sell the property they’ve been leasing for over 30 years, giving them 40 days to come up with a $200,000 down payment on a loan that will help them OWN the property for like, forever. The good news is that Project We Own It has already raised $114,000.

The even better news is that SABOR is hosting a 4-course benefit dinner this Sunday at Hana Kitchen. A $20 donation is requested by Friday to cover ingredient costs. All proceeds go to Project We Own It.

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